Speedyround Plus Fully Automatic Straightener

An excellent source of income for your shop.

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The machine is fully automatic. The operator needs only to mount the rim and use the touch screen to begin the rim repair. You don’t even have to heat the rim during straightening as it has a built-in electric heating system. The Speedyround Plus checks the rim for any structural defects, including micro-fractures and concentricity faults as it repairs inner rim. Working capacity is 10″ – 28″ rims covering all types of car rims.


  • Touch screen
  • The right section of the machine utilizes the natural elasticity of the rim metal to restore concentricity
  • Left section has the added plus feature assisting the shape of any residual rim fault and effects a perfect rim repair
  • Both right and left sections can be controlled individually so the lathe can be used at the same time on different rims
  • The left side is the lathe and the right arm does the straightening
  • Compact design which will fit into any repair shop
  • Precisely manufactured in Italy from the highest quality materials according to EEC and EEC accident protection standards

Additional information

Weight 573 lbs
Dimensions 70.9 × 315 × 55.12 in